A lot of people think that caffeine can help them shed some weight. Caffeine can definitely enhance your metabolism and provide you with extra energy. These effects can result in some weight loss if you become more active, but it is probably not the best way to attempt weight loss. Grind coffee beans yourself. Many coffee enthusiasts will tell you that freshly ground coffee beans make the greatest tasting coffee brew. For the best quality ground coffee, use a burr mill grinder. Burr-mills grinders do a good job of making the grind size uniform, which contributes to the overall taste of the coffee.

Don’t use the same bag to store coffee once it’s been opened. It should keep out light and air. If you do this, your coffee beans will remain fresh for longer. If you have any unused coffee, don’t trash it. However, reheating it is not the best option either. Using a container that is airtight, store unused coffee in the fridge. This chilled coffee makes a great base for your own iced coffee drinks.

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